Allaster: “Three Amazing Years”
31 Oct 2010
Chairman and CEO ofthe Women's Tennis Association, Stacey Allaster,  praised Qatar Tennis Federation for their efforts during the last three years to organize a highly successful WTA Championships tournament.

“When the history books are written, the history books in this decade will say it was Qatar that took the WTA Championships to equal prize money and set a new value for the WTA Championship.  As we go to Turkey next year, we will have equal prize money there as well” Allaster said during a press conference in Doha on Sunday.

“The Qatar Tennis Federation has worked hard on staging each and every year, with a spectacular closing ceremony last year.  I know they have a special surprise planned this evening for us.  There has been an investment in stadia, which now gives a great platform for our WTA premier event to return to the calendar in February. I would now officially like to thank the Qatar Olympic Committee, the Qatar Tennis Federation, with Nasser Al Khelaifi, the president, and Karim Alami, the tournament director, for three fantastic years here."  She added.

She also mentioned the country's bid to organize the 2022 FIFA World Cup saying: "We've seen the Qatar 2022 bid throughout the week.  Their theme is, "Expect amazing."  Our three years here have been amazing, and I would tell the FIFA bid committee that Qatar will deliver."
Despite moving the tournamnet to Istanbul, Women's tennis will still have a place in Doha as the Qatar Tennis Federation will be organizing a WTA permier event next February, in addition to the annual ATP event in January.