Clijsters wins her third title
31 Oct 2010
Belgium’s Kim Clijsters defeated world no.1 Caroline Wozniacki 6-3 5-7 6-3 to win the 2010 WTA Championships title in Doha.

It was her third title in this tournament after winning back-to-back titles (2002-2003) in Los Angeles.
The Belgian had to recover from the disappointment of seeing the 20-year-old Dane come back from a set and 1-4 down to take the match to an enthralling decider.

"I am very relieved it is over," said Clijsters after her two-hour 20-minute victory, "because it seemed it would never end."

"It was a very tough battle, and I think it was a fine advert for women's tennis. I'm glad I won but I don't know how many more years I will play, and I think Caroline has a great future ahead of her."

Clijsters succeeded because she had the more naturally forceful game, remained unfazed by the ups and downs of an unpredictably long drawn out battle, and played some of her best tennis in the final stages.

Asked if she were surprised to have won the title without having competed for seven weeks, Clijsters said: "In my first career I wouldn't have been able to do," referring to the days before the birth of her daughter Jada.

"But now I know myself better. I have had plenty of practice, so I already have a match rhythm a little bit, and I try to adjust as fast as possible after I got here."

It was a disappointment for Wozniacki because she had wanted to answer those detractors who questioned her status as the world's number one because she has not yet won a Grand Slam title.

This title would have been the next best thing, though there were moments when it looked within her reach, and she did suggest - with her tactical adaptability, and tremendous court coverage - that she has the capacity eventually to win it.

"It was still a fantastic week for me," said Wozniacki, who achieved the year end top spot with her second win of the week here. "I would love to come back here, and I would love to try for this title again."

Source: AFP