Smash Tennis Academy Championship Concludes
25 May 2016


Organized by Smash Tennis Academy and the Qatar Tennis Federation (QTF), the event featured the participation of 300 players from the different communities living in the state of Qatar.


The QTF Executive Director Saad Al Mohannadi attended the closing ceremony honored the winners.


The closing ceremony was also attended by Heikel Lakhdar, Administrative & Financial Manager of Smash Academy and Sultan Khalfan, the Tournament Director.


Fahad Al Thani claimed the title of Boys U9 event after beating Fahad Al Khelaifi in the finals.


In Boys U12 Doubles event, Nasser Al Ayafi and Meshaal Khanji took the gold medal following to their victory over Ghanim Zainal and Adel Ghanim in the finals. 


In Boys U8 event, Youladeselo Semerno claimed the title after beating Abdullah Nayef in the finals.


 Mashael Al Khani clinched the gold medal of Girls U9 event. Maryam Al Ejaili finished second.


 In Girls U12 event, Cristal Oliviera took the gold medal following to her victory over Amna Homoud in the final match.


Nasser Al Motawa claimed the title of Boy U10 event after defeating Mostafa Khaled in the final match while Tayem Al Azma clinched the title of Boys U14 event. Mohammad Ameral finished second.


 In Boys U 12 event, Adel Ghanim occupied the first place ahead of Zayed Al Manshi in the second place.


In Boys U10 Doubles event, Alexey Smerano and Nasser Al Motawa defeated Nasser Al Humaidi and Ghanim Al Sulaiti in the final match to claim the title. 


In Boys U14 Doubles event, Adel Khan and Tayem Al Azma claimed the title after beating Marso Bro and Mohammad Ameral.


In Men’s Singles, Joseph Maria Blazi occupied the first place ahead of Juan Daved in the second place.


Renaldo Amazona and Clif Anthoni won the title of Men’s Doubles Event after beating Anas Lamrani and Joseph Maria Blazi in the final match.


Renaldo Amazona grabbed the gold medal of veteran event as Raimond Hayek finished second.


In Mixed Doubles Event, Renaldo Amazona and Arya Soksomorob took the gold medal while Alaster Clark and Rosalind Clark finished second.


In Ladies Singles, Sarah Maghofel won the title after beating Maryana Ramirez in the finals.


The competitions were held in Under-18, U-14, U-12, U-10, U-9, U-8 sections for both boys and girls, besides men’s, ladies and veterans categories.