March 22, 2017

Curtains come down on QTSBF Junior Open

The 2017 Junior Tennis Open Tournament organized by the Qatar Tennis, Squash and Badminton Federation (QTSBF) was concluded at the Khalifa Tennis and Squash Complex on Tuesday.

The medal ceremony was attended by the QTSBF Secretary General Tariq Zainal and the Tournament Director Sultan Khalfan.

Qatar’s Nasser Al Yafei and Rashed Nawaf claimed the title of Boys Under 14 Doubles Event after beating Argon Carnik and Mohammad Ameral in the final match.

Abdulaziz Al Muftah edged past Mohammad Al Mutawa to win the title of Boys Under 8 Years Singles Event. In Doubles Event, Abdulaziz Al Muftah teamed up with Mohammad Al Mutawa to win the title after beating Ghanim Ali and Saad Al Malki in the final match.

In Boy Under 9 Years Singles Event, Oladzezolo and Ranibar John took the first and second places respectively.
Khadija Qassama led the standings of Girls Under 9 Years Event ahead of Jowhara Al Thani in the second place.
Mashael Al Khenji won the title of Girls Under 10 Years Event while Jana Al Sheikh managed second.

Meshari Nawaf led the standings of Boys Under 12 Years Event ahead of Zaid Al Manshi in the second place. In Doubles Event, Amin Ashqar teamed up with Zaid Al Manshi to defeat Meshari Nawaf and Nasser Al Khelaifi in the final match to win the title.

Lujain Ahmad overpowered Layla Saqr to hoist the trophy of Girls Under 12 Years Event.

Rashed Nawaf claimed the title of Boys Under 14 Years following his victor over Marcus Kobayshi in the final match.
In Girls Under 14 Event, Amna Al Qaet managed second after her final match defeat at the hands of Anderia Satharland.
In Boys Under 18 Years Event, Mohammad Amin Elaiwa claimed the title after beating Mohammad Aziz Elaiwa in the final match.