Tennis 10s



Abdullah Nayef
Abdulla Almahmoud
Mohamed Moutawi
Abdullaziz Almuftah
Taha Hassiba
Nawaf Almohanadi
Rayan Alali
Khalifa Lem Sallem


Dana Tarek Alshekh
Zahra A.Majeed Al-Lenjawi
Khadija Gassama

About Tennis 10’s Center



Tennis will be a leading sport and recreational activity nationally in Qatar

QTF Tennis 10s Long Term Developing Plan promotes physical literacy that will help provide a foundation necessary to enjoy sport, physical activity, and tennis for life.

Quality system which produce promising tennis kids

QTF can use the Tennis 10s Long Term Developing Plan process as an opportunity to systematically identify and develop the next generation of successful international players.


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