November 3, 2019

QTF Junior Teams Cup 2019 to conclude on Sunday

The QTF Junior Teams Cup 2019 will be concluded at the Khalifa Tennis and Squash Complex today.

The medal ceremony will be attended by the senior officials of the Qatar Tennis Federation.

The event brought together Qatar national teams, Smash Academy and Future School who competed in three age groups under 10 years, under 12 years and under 14 years.

The tournament aims at providing the players with the opportunity to develop their level. It also contributes to promoting tennis in the state of Qatar.

Qatar national team (A) led the standings of boys under 12 years ahead of “School Fighters” in the second place.

In boys under 14 years, Qatar national team “B” took the first place with 4 points ahead of the other national team.

Future school claimed the first place in boys under 10 years event ahead of “School Fighters in the second place while Smash Academy finished third.

The QTF Board Member and Head of National Teams Committee Khalid Al Khelaifi stressed the importance of the tournament and its contribution to promoting tennis in the state of Qatar.

Al Khelaifi added that the teams format of the event provides national teams players with more experience and help them step up their preparations for upcoming events.