April 19, 2020

QTSBF Begins Home Coaching Classes

As a step to ensure the continuity of the players’ progression, QTSBF has begun home coaching classes using ZOOM Communication App to stay connected with all the federation player from home.
Under the circumstance of the pandemic of COVID-19, Qatar Tennis Federation implements a new integration system, that ensures the stability of its player’s performance, fitness and progress. The new system will enable QTF coaches to communicate with the players throughout ‘Zoom’ Communication app.
Coaches will provide classes of training sessions and courses to the players in all the categories. The classes will cover different aspects of the game, such as the tactical, physical, mental and nutritional side. Classes will be throughout an established schedule, and it will start on the 13th of April 2020. By the end of each week, all participated players will have to go through a quiz to ensure the gain of the players.
QTSBF Secretary-General Tariq Zainal stressed that despite all the difficult time we are experiencing now with this pandemic, the federation would do all the necessary to ensure the progression of its players. He also mentioned that such integration would give the player’s parents the chance to know more about the game and ways to part of their kids’ progression from home.